The Moonship

There are many strange things that are unknown about the earth very own moon. In the 1970 two Russian Scientist Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov publish an artticle with the theory that the ship could be an alien spaceship. Two fact that lead to this from research is that when Nasa crashed a satellite into the moon they noticed that it rung like a bell for over 3 hours which must mean that it is hollow, has some metal property to it. One thing that lead them to this discovery is that no matter the width of the crater they all reached the same depth and left a flat of even convex surface. Showing that under the surface is a much stronger dome. Nasa has also found that the moon dust contains Chromium, Titanium, and Circumcision. All chemicals that mix to protect something from extreme temperatures and cosmic radiation. Finally to finish the theory there are ancient stories that tell of a time where there was no moon in the sky and that it was pulled into place.


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