Growth vs Comfort

One tweet i have found that speaks to my inner self is a display of two stick figure men. One of the men is has the word growth on his head. The other man has the word comfort on his head. Our good friend growth says to the sometimes to frequent guest comfort that this isn’t going to work out. One thing that is very important in portraying conciseness is symbolism. Dr.Phil Valentine meta-physician said a picture is worth 1000 words and a symbol is worth 1000 pictures. And the reason that the symbols in this picture speak to me enough to write on is because as Phoenix this is what the fire that the Phoenix is submersed represents. We can find this knowledge in astrology were the fire signs meant in the deconstruction of matter which is also purification. Fire is a purifier in nature even and the ancient khemits observed and understood this knowledge. We can see this in making diamond, glass and other things that involve needed to be purified such as chemicals. It reminds me to never ever become comfortable because I know that I Am infinite and that there will forever be room for growth.


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