Bart To the Future( Trump Card)

As should be the current election is everywhere  with the election of Trump. It would be a good time to cover my stance on the elections. Now I want to make the disclaimer that I dont share what is considered to be the norm of society. That being our governments have our best interest. And not only that but that they tell us the truth. It is true that governments are suppose to serve the people. Yes to the minimal capacity that they have to or whatever they can use to invade people privacy. I wasn’t always in this light to be able to see pass the veil that Corporations, Governments, and Politics place over our head. While in my search for truth and knowledge to free myself from the grasp that have been placed on our mind at birth. I found myself looking upon the leaders of these countries  to see how they played a role in this web of illusions. So I as I researched I saw that ALL are related to The royal blood of England( A global class of elite who’s roots are in secret societies and by using means of Movies, Tv shows, music, to relay messages and plans to each other. After Gaining this awareness alot of things about reality feel in place for me. A perfect example of how messages are coded before time is found in the post above. Even if one were to place the pictures of him on in front of the people and in front of the Trump sign as random acts. What can we say about the map how Trumps wins while being off by a couple of sates. Shows that there are greater powers working at high levels in our everyday life’s.


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